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What Are CBD Lollipops?


CBD Lollipops are the latest craze to have taken the CBD industry by storm. Although, the science behind this method isn’t entirely new. It’s almost as effective as a CBD Tincture, as the lollipop is broken down into a liquid that’s absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth — the fastest way to introduce CBD to the body.

Interestingly, the particles that are not broken down enough to be absorbed in the mouth and are instead disgested will provide the more longer-lasting benefits that come part and parcel with other forms of CBD Edibles, like CBD Jelly Beans. Although, this is also one of the main disadvantages: They’re one size fits all.

This means that if you don’t require the amount of CBD bundled in a CBD Lollipop, there’s no way to tell when to stop consuming it and how much you’ve had. Thus, if you need to stick to a strict dosage, it’s best to use to a more flexible method, like that of a CBD Tincture, which lets you measure quantity right down to the milligram.

It’s also worth noting that CBD Lollipops tend to be rich in sugar and sweeteners, so if you’re looking to introduce CBD to your body to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re also probably going to want to opt for a CBD Tincture that can be consumed by itself or through one of the existing meals you eat on a daily basis, like a caesar salad.

However, if you’re looking for a tasty and discrete way to get your CBD fix, then look no further than CBD Lollipops.

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