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CBD Lube Could Just Save Your Sex Life


Canadian actor Dean McDermott revealed during his Daddy Issues podcast last week that CBD Lube is the best thing to have happened to his sex life in recent times, with co-host Adam Hunter concurring — claiming his THC-infused CBD Lube is his secret to lasting longer in the bedroom.

In fact, Hunter went into more detail, noting (we’re keeping it clean, because we rely on monetization) that you simply apply the CBD Lube to your … erm … thing and her … erm … thing, and wait for her thing to tighten up, which will ultimately result in your thing lasting longer.

Others have reported several additional benefits, including a better overall sexual experience, increased relaxation (no surprise considering CBD helps with depression), a more intense orgasm, and a deeper slumber after the deed has been done — an effect that’s long been associated with CBD.

As is the case with most CBD lotions, research is sparse, so you’ll need to do a patch test before dousing you and your partner’s things in CBD Lube. After all, the last thing you want is to have to rush to the hospital because you’ve poured half a bottle of CBD Lube on your thing and it’s irritated.

So, snag a bottle, conduct that patch test, and see if the magical CBD Lube has what it takes to safe your lacklustre sex life (you wouldn’t have clicked on this article after reading the title if everything was hunky-dory). Remember: Hunter uses the THC-infused version; McDermott doesn’t

Give both a whirl.