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What Is CBD Tanning Water? Everything You Need To Know


There’s a new CBD hotshot on the block — it’s called CBD Tanning Water, and it’s said to clear up spots, reduce redness, and improve sleep. But is the illusive new tanning oil safe; and if so, where can you get it? Let’s find out.

Meet Utan, the first-of-its-kind CBD Tanning Water.

Let’s get straight to the point: There’s one brand churning out CBD Tanning Water right now and it’s called Utan — a brand synonymous with high-end, flavor-rich CBD Gummies.

Based in the UK, Utan has fast developed a sizeable fan base, who praise its vegan, gluten-free, and even organic products, and it’s transfer-proof CBD Tanning Water is no different.

As well as all the usual features you’d expect to find with a top-tier Tanning Water, like a non-streaky application and a long-lasting effect, the CBD Tanning Water has several health benefits.

According to many early-adopters, Utan’s CBD Tanning Water, which develops into an even tan, has helped clear up spots, reduce redness, and even helps guide you into a relaxing state that increases melatonin levels.

“Facial Tanning is something I’ve always had trouble with, regular tans tended to clog my pores and cling to dry patches,” writes one reviewer on Utan’s website, before adding that’s an issue of the past thanks to the lotion.

“It’s so easy to use, smells amazing and the CBD extract has such a calming effect on my problem areas. All that and you wake up to glowing, evenly tanned skin. I’ve even been skipping foundation,” they added.

So, how much the CBD Tanning Water and where can you get it? Well, a 100ml bottle is available from Utan’s website for just $21. Shop now, though, and you can bag it for the reduced price of just $18. Not bad at all.

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